About Us

Alldrin Family Music Montage
Alldrin Family Music Montage

Music has been an Alldrin family value for many years, starting when Loren and Kristen met in a college music program 30 years ago. All seven of the Alldrin kids play at least two instruments, and all nine of us play and sing together. We desire to honor God with our lives and our music. We’re a family first, a family band second.

Why Music?

We believe music is one of the greatest gifts God has given us. It can inspire, challenge, fill us with wonder and turn our hearts towards God in worship. We decided to pursue music as a ministry that would unite us as a family. God has blessed us with many opportunities to share our music–and our family’s unique story–with people over the years. Our summer 2019 tour is an extension of this music ministry. We’d love to come share our music and our story with you!


Adoption has touched our lives deeply, most notably when we adopted three children from Ethiopia in 2010. Olivia, Naomi and Samuel joined our four daughters to make us a family of nine. We believe adoption is a beautiful picture of God’s love for us. While we were still sinners–enemies of God–he sent Jesus to reconcile us to him. Now we are adopted as children, calling God “Daddy” instead of “angry, righteous judge”.

Statement of Faith

We believe God exists in a trinity of three persons: God the father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Jesus left heaven to walk this earth in human form and be crucified as the atoning sacrifice for all sins. He was resurrected on the third day and now sits at God’s right hand. All who believe that Jesus is the son of God, repent and put their faith in him will be saved from their sins and have eternal life. We believe the bible is God’s word to mankind, written by inspired men and passed on, inerrant, through the generations.