With many fiddle tunes polished up for our “Celebrate the Fiddle” concerts, we decided it would be wise to capture the moment. So we spent two weeks’ worth of free evenings and weekends recording our tunes for a CD. Watch the video for a 30-second sneak-peek of “Valhalla”.

As a recording engineer, I (Loren) was pleasantly surprised to discover that our family room has acoustics good enough for recording a small ensemble. I’ve got mics, stands and gear galore, so why not record an album at home? It’s sounding great!

As we get tunes mixed and sounding their best, we’ll release some samples to this site. We plan to finish the CD early next year, and maybe record a second CD of music that will include some of our favorite choruses and hymns, plus some popular Christian songs. These CDs will be available for purchase when we head out for our tour next summer, and you’ll also be able to buy them on this site.