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Our first album, filled with some of our favorite Celtic and old-time fiddle tunes.

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The Alldrins’ Heritage CD celebrates the rich heritage of fiddle music from America and Europe, from this century and centuries past. 12 tunes, 40 minutes of music. Tracks include:

1. Vejledels Waltz
2. Soggy’s & Valhalla [preview]
3. American Fiddle Medley [preview]
4. Josefin’s Waltz
5. Six Tour from Vendsyssel [preview]
6. RUF
7. Stambaugh Waltz
8. Bullfrog Blues & Vandmand (live)
9. Crested Hens [preview]
10. Wissahickon Drive & Frank’s Reel
11. Ashokan Farewell
12. Silver Belle & Haymaker’s Hoedown (live)

Your CD purchase also includes a FREE instant digital download of all tracks and album artwork.

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